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Brian King - Historical Features of the Dockyard

Milford Haven Port Authority plans for Pembroke Dock’s Dockyard


Milford Haven Port Authority is a Trust port which gives it responsibilities towards the local community’s interests. They have a number of plans to develop areas within the Dockyard, at a recent meeting it was stated that they were running out of time for consultation due to deadlines for EU funding, there are a number of planning consents still required which will be with the County Council in the coming months.


I feel it is key for the community’s response to be heard on this matter as one of the plans relates to the waste transfer site which has had huge opposition form the community. I therefore propose a new plan to the Port Authority and would like feedback from the community on this proposal. I have found it difficult as a member of the public to view the plans from the Port Authority as I feel they are not publicised very well


The proposal is the following;


The Western end of the Dockyard should become a Maritime Heritage Centre. This area should be zoned for Maritime Heritage development with the gate in the south west corner of the dockyard wall being used for access. At an international conference in Cardiff nearly 10 years ago, people from run down ports told us how their towns had developed tourist centres based on Maritime Heritage without huge amounts of government money. The Graving Dock and Pickling Pond are unique historic listed sites which could be central attractions. Tall ships could be attracted to use the Graving Dock, which would attract visitors. The Pickling Pond would attract waters sports activities. The open areas around these and slipways 1,2 and 3 would be ideal for heritage craft workshops, boat building and tourist amenities. Pembroke Dock also has a Dockyard Chapel, Commodore Hotel, Dockyard Market, Defensible Barracks, Hobbs Point, Martello Towers, Hancock’s Yard and Pater church Tower, which would spread tourists around the town. Saundersfoot has been very successful in creating local jobs around their heritage and Pembroke Dock should do the same.


My internet search for “Maritime Heritage for urban renewal” today found articles reporting the success of other ports presently developing Maritime Heritage Tourism.


The Dockyard in Pembroke Dock has the ferry terminal in the centre, the Eastern and Western ends have large unused areas. The Picking Pond and Graving Dock have been run down and partly used for dumping which the slipways 1,2 and 3 are crumbling and neglected. The Port Authority plan to fill in the Pickling Pond and Graving Dock and lay concrete over them to make foundations for industrial buildings. They plan to concrete over the slipways to create jetties to reach channels which will be dredged in the estuary. They say these operations will be reversible in the future, but I do question what damage would be done to the historical stone work which is covered.



Please note this has been presented by Brian King 

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