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Pembroke Dock Town Council - Proudly serving the Community

Pembroke Dock Town Council is the local face of local government - the grass roots if you wish. Its role is varied and extensive. Pembroke Dock is divided into four electoral wards, Central, Pennar, Llanion and Market, with sixteen town councillors representing the area. However, above all, town councillors are there to act on behalf of all the residents and must abide by the National Code of Conduct at all times.



Pembroke Dock Town Council has primary responsibility for:


  • Erection and maintenance of the towns festive lighting displays and hanging baskets
  • Planning Consultee (with all local plans available in the office for public reference)

In addition:

  • Provides a stepping stone to Pembrokeshire County Council and gives advice on who does what and how to access people.
  • Consulted on policing policy, schools policy and planning policy for the town.
  • Acts on local matters involving highways, community transport schemes, parking and crime prevention in liaision with the various authorities.
  • Provides finanical support for the CCTV system in the town.
  • Supports and gives donations to local bodies and charitable organisations


The Town Council also have many other powers not covered by the above, such as making specific bye laws. All powers and actions carried out are governed by the Local Government Act, Public Health Acts and other Acts of Parliment.


Members of the public are able to attend meetings, but are not allowed to speak. Meetings are usually held every 4 weeks on a Thursday evening except in August. Notices of the meeting dates are published on the notice board outside the Pater Hall in Dimond Street, and also on this website.


Any matter concerning the town which a member of the public wishes to be discussed can be done through a letter to the council or through a local councillor who will then table the item on the next agenda.


Signed minutes of meetings are available for public inspection at Pembroke Dock Library or at the Town Council offices by appointment with the Clerk.


Councillors and officers of Pembroke Dock Town Council work closely with members of Pembrokeshire County Council, so if you have any concerns or suggestions please do not hesitiate to contact your local councillor or Pembrokeshire County Council.