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Mayors of Pembroke Dock Town Council

There is a newly elected Mayor and Deputy Mayor every year, the official hand over of the Mayoral chains takes place during May. Below is a list of previous mayors of Pembroke Dock Town Council.


2022/2023 Councillor P E George

2021/2022 Councillor T Judkins - resigned December 2021. Councillor J Beynon replaced 2nd December 2021.

2020/2021 Councillor G Manning

2019/2020 Councillor Gordon Goff

2018/2019 Councillor Gordon Goff

2017/2018 Councillor Jane McNaughton - resigned November 2017.  Councillor G Goff replaced 16 November 2017.

2016/2017 Councillor Maureen Colgan

2015/2016 Councillor Peter Kraus

2014/2015 Councillor P E George

2013/2014 Councillor J Phillips

2012/2013 Councillor P Kraus

2011/2012 Councillor A McNaughton

2010/2011 Councillor M Colgan

2009/2010 Councillor P. E. George

2008/2009 Councillor R.Watts

2007/2008 Councillor P. Weatherall

2006/2007 Councillor S. Perkins

2005/2006 Councillor R. Watts
2004/2005 Councillor D.T. Esmond

2003/2004 Councillors Mrs. P.E.M. Folland

2002/2003 Councillors Mrs. P.E. George

2001/2002 Councillor D.T. Esmond

2000/2001 Councillor Mrs. P.E.M. Folland

1999/2000 Councillor Mrs. P.E. George
1998/99 Councillor Mrs. V.M.J. Roach resigned
Councillor Mrs. P.E. George replaced 9/7/98

1997/98 Councillor D.L. Jones
1996/97 Councillor Mrs. M. Williamson
1995/96 Councillor Mrs. P.E. George
1994/95 Councillor Mrs. B. Roch
1993/94 Councillor D.L. Jones
1992/93 Councillor B.J. Hall
1991/92 Councillor S.J. Roch
1990/91 Councillor Mrs. P.E. George
1989/90 Councillor Mrs. M. Williamson
1988/89 Councillor I.E. Morgan

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